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Sector 91 in New Gurgaon is a thriving residential area which has multi-storeyed houses, lots and apartments. DLF New Town Heights Phase 3, DLF Garden City Plots, Anantaraj Meseo, Ansal API Fernhill and JMD Samanvay are among the completed and ongoing developments The location is near Manesar Automobile Manufacturing Group, as well as 92, 90, 87, 86 and 93 Nearby sector no.

Physical infrastructure

Several roads like Sector 91 Road, IMT Road, DLF Road and Sector 90 Road have been constructed around the area. The Dwarka Expressway is around 5 km and is easily accessible via Sector 86 Road. Another important road, NH-48, is located 5.5 km from the area, providing easy access to many rural areas of Gurugram.

Best Residential property in Sector 91 Gurgaon

Located in the New Gurgaon area, Sector 91 is a potential residential area with a diverse selection of multi-storey buildings, lots and apartments with a mix of completed buildings, such as DLF New Town Heights Phase 3, and ongoing development, such as the Anant Raj Meseo, this centre offers an active lifestyle experience It, so the right location provides good connectivity. Constantly upgrading its infrastructure, with boutiques like Sapphire 92 and Sapphire Nabbe planned, Sector 91 incorporates the basics of modern lifestyle in the heart of Gurgaon.

Commercial property in sector 91 Gurgaon

Sector 91 in Gurgaon emerges as a thriving business hub, offering a diverse range of options within its well-planned landscape. This region is set to undergo a commercial metamorphosis with the Sapphire Ninety malls. Strategic road connectivity, such as Sector 86 Road and NH-48, allows for easy access to commercial sectors and city centres. The existence of basic facilities such as schools, hospitals, and retail centres complements the developing business landscape. As the area develops, it promises to be a profitable proposition for firms looking for a prominent site in Gurgaon's dynamic and rising commercial scene.

DLF Galleria 91 Gurgaon

DLF Galleria 91 in Gurgaon is a new high-end commercial complex that will be distinguished by refinement and modern comforts. This ultra-luxurious building, ideally located in the satellite city, is destined to become a significant landmark, attracting enormous foot traffic. Every square foot of this sprawling property is loaded with first-rate facilities and unique features, evoking the energy and diversity of the modern metropolitan. It stands out from other commercial buildings since it has been thoughtfully designed to provide guests with a remarkable experience. DLF Property announces its latest and much-awaited addition to the heart of Gurgaon, building on the success of earlier undertakings.

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1.How many properties are for sale in Sector 91?
Sector 91 currently has six properties available for buy. The majority of dwellings in this area are intelligently planned, resulting in a pleasurable living experience.

2.How many homes are for sale in Sector 91?
Sector 91 offers good connections as well as a wide range of residential alternatives. There are currently more than ten homes for sale in Sector 91.

3.How many houses are available for rent in Sector 91?
The residents of Sector 91 are happy. Sector 91 currently has four rental homes available.