About Us

About us

TrueAssets Consultancy Pvt Ltd  Gurgaon, a reputable real estate company, was founded in 2019 and is expertly managed by our director Mr. Rohit Sharma and Sarvesh Yadav. The business is committed to giving customers satisfaction and value for their hard-earned money. We are a trustworthy and successful real estate company in Gurgaon because we have so far been successful in gaining high marks from our clients in various tasks, including booking, selling, and leasing residential and commercial properties in Gurgaon and Delhi/NCR.

Our team of highly skilled professionals works with honest sellers to make the best deals for our potential buyers looking for residential properties. We maintain long-term relationships by offering potential buyers their dream homes and insist on providing value for their money by opening up all the project details and showing them similar projects under the same price segments.

TrueAssets Consultancy Pvt Ltd actively develops services for buying, renting, selling, financing (mortgaging), and many other related services at the best price to meet clients' needs by interacting with a large network of people with the highest level of transparency.


The moral tenets that guide our company's operations include the following:

  • Respecting our clients' financial investments.

  • Acting decisively to seize every opportunity.

  • Working tirelessly to offer the best services to them.

They can assist us in raising the caliber of our offerings and advancing. And deliver the desired results for their investments. We will provide all the transparency you require regarding the work.


The real estate industry is rapidly growing, and by gaining the confidence of our clients, we hope to become one of the most admired, significant, and dependable service providers in this industry. We work tirelessly to set new standards in Gurgaon and the Delhi NCR region through our unwavering passion, performance, and talent. delivering superior service to our clients while fostering confidence.


Our expert team is hard at work securing and streamlining all legal and necessary transactions of our residential and commercial projects to guarantee genuine and cost-effective products. We provide thorough information about the undertakings and quick browsing capabilities to our clients to safeguard their interests and win their trust. In addition to gaining a significant position in the real estate market, our team wants to expand its clientele to benefit from the best deals and a range of options.


Our founder, a highly skilled expert, visionary, and planner of planned development, inspires the team to achieve new performance levels. Our respected leader turns every obstacle into a resource that generates income thanks to his business excellence acumen, entrepreneurial spirit, sophisticated financial knowledge, and commitment to pushing our team to excellence. Our business leader is a brilliant motivator who recognizes the value of investments and his organizational skills, and he has over 20 years of successful operations in the industry. He employs top-notch development concepts and proactive, workable strategies to drive his company's fast growth. It has also catalyzed their business plans to realize customer-focused high-profit margins and returns.