Location - Sector 104

The Brilliance of Property in Sector 104 of Gurugram

Living in or near Gurugram is like a dream come true situation for a large number of people. But the reality can't be neglected. The reality is that Gurugram has become quite crowded and that crowd is only increasing day by day. Such a situation has given rise to the number of people who are looking for places near the capital. In case you are one of those people, we are here to delight you. We are going to talk about the property in Sector 104 of Gurugram and other features. Here we go.

The physical setting

Lying close to the Dwarka Expressway, sector 104 is a favorite destination for a large number of people. The area consists of semi-urban and purely urban settlements. That is like a blend of diversity in the overall region. With fast construction going on around here already, there are plenty of properties that are ready for people to move in. Apart from that, many are under construction. It is all up to your needs to choose the one that will be more suitable. Let us give you a brief overview of the physical scenario here.

Lots and lots of connectivity options

People moving to new places have connectivity options in their minds above everything. Sector 104 will never disappoint you in this regard. The list of nearby roads includes Dwarka Expressway, Purani Delhi Gurugram Road, Dhanwapur Road, etc. Even if you need to reach the Gurugram Railway station, it is just 3 km away from here.

Other essentials

Now that the residential area provides you with a large number of connectivity options, it is time to take a look at other essential aspects of a better lifestyle. Let us enlighten you a bit in that context.
Educational institutions like schools for your kids are in abundance and we are talking about options like DPS, Blue Bells, Royal Oaks, etc. Young ones have a lot to support their growth and satisfy their curiosity with these.
Then come the healthcare facilities. Metro Hospital along with other such institutions lies in the nearby region to support all your needs related to healthcare. The majority of these hospitals can be reached within 20-25 minutes.
Regarding your daily needs, you have Ambience Mall which is just 15-20 mins away to support your hefty needs of daily use items. Apart from that, there are plenty of small-scale shops to help you with your smaller requirements.

Our role

Now you know about property in Sector 104 of Gurugram up to the extent that you need. This is the perfect position to make a choice i.e. to reach the place where the deal is going to happen. Trueassets will help you find the best property deals in Gurugram in time. We are highly concerned about the utilization of every penny you spend on these properties. Such a dedication has made us one of the best choices among people. The satisfaction of our clients is proof of our work ethic. Do consider visiting our official website for more information in this regard.