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About Sobha Developers

In every way, SOBHA embodies "passion at work." For us, it is more than just a catchphrase that works; instead, we all try to live it every day. It is our compass, guiding us to produce the best products and artistry. It gives us instructions on how to uphold timely delivery and transparency in all our dealings.

We heavily depend on the inherent qualities of our founder, Mr. PNC Menon, to embrace and live the brand. Simply put, this shows we maintain quality when creating our products. With the same fierce passion that Mr. Menon, the extraordinary builder who changed how people perceive quality in the real estate industry, possesses, our work revolves around creating "quality.

Our reputation as the most dependable and trustworthy builder speaks for itself, and we have a portfolio of award-winning properties spread throughout India. In addition to expanding into cities like Delhi-NCR, Chennai, Coimbatore, Mysore, and Pune, we have changed the appearance of Bangalore's skyline and built renowned communities in Kerala.

We remain unwaveringly dedicated to creating urban living spaces where people can freely live, work, and play.

We are fully aware of the enormous difficulties that rapid urbanization has brought about. As responsible real estate players, we will continue to provide clever solutions sustainably. We rely on our employees' creativity and technological prowess to create enormous value for all our stakeholders. We will continue to set higher standards, and new industry benchmarks as we move closer to this goal.


Backward integration is crucial for the organization's turnkey projects. In a turnkey scenario, we apply the expertise from each of our divisions to every aspect of a project. In other words, from precise engineering to attractive design, from premium metal glazing to opulent interiors, everything is done in-house. With a delicate balance of accuracy and beauty, we can provide our customers with strict quality control. Excellent examples of our proficiency in turnkey construction are the Infosys centers in Bangalore, Mysore, and many other cities.


Our logo captures and conveys our company's core values, including optimism, energy, balance, perfection, passion, use of technology, and, most importantly, character. Our company's values are represented in our logo, which also gives us a distinctive visual identity. The Golden Rectangle design principles, thought to have been shared during the Pythagorean period, are also closely related to our logo.

If the side lengths of a rectangle fall within the golden ratio, 1: phi (the Greek letter phi), where phi is roughly 1.618, the rectangle is said to be golden. It is, without a doubt, the pinnacle of precision and accuracy.


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