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The Meffier Infra economic diversification is strong. The group includes the three monstrous companies listed below, all operating globally.

One of India's top merchant exporters and the company's first business venture is Meffier Globale Exports Pvt Ltd. The company concentrates on various customer-facing product categories and promises the highest quality standards at affordable prices. Thanks to globally successful export and import operations, the company received the impetus it required to proceed with its second project, Meffier Globale Intertrade Limited. This Kenyan company is an expert at importing, exporting, marketing, and distributing various FMCG products across East Africa.

Our current locations are in India, Singapore, and Dubai, and we soon plan to open offices there as well as in the European Union and the United Arab Emirates.

Real estate was a big dream for the company, and Meffier Infra is excited to be one of its upcoming projects. It is accurate to say that the group is expanding into every conceivable industry and is willing to thrive for nothing less than an unqualified success. The company's plans include the launch of opulent projects in Delhi-NCR that provide:

Unforgettable experiences. A resort-style lifestyle. A natural environment is conducive to a healthy way of life. To provide everyone who needs them with access to high-quality housing, Meffier Group now operates as Meffier Infra after acting as a dependable host for several business sectors. The product line includes exclusive projects, great projects, and high-end residential housing options. Nearby important services like connectivity, healthcare, and education are available to all projects.


Our real estate company is working hard to guarantee high-quality homes in the quickest amount of time. In addition to promoting contented and healthy lifestyles, our mission is to improve customer service. We are in favor of constructing ideal homes for people.


Meffier has provided service to over 100,000 happy clients. We proudly produced more than 200 products that were exported to more than 20 countries. The introduction of the Sukumo rice brand by the Meffier Group has been a success. In other markets, it quickly rose in popularity.


Meffier Infra allows everyone to live in stunning, high-quality homes. We firmly believe in creating and delivering added value to people's lives. Since we have been operating internationally for more than ten years, we strongly commit to only offering the best services.


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