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Mr. M.K. GUPTA (Chairman, KPDK) has been in the Building Construction Services industry since 1971. He is the owner of MKG CONSULTANTS and MKG ENGINEERING SERVICES PVT LTD. The enterprises provide Engineering Construction Services for the Building Industry. They have been in charge of numerous commercial buildings, malls, special economic zones, office and information technology complexes, hotels, hospitals, township development, and industries. They have worked with some of India's biggest and most prominent names in the Real Estate and Infrastructure industries, including DLF LTD., UNITECH, IREO, JAYPEE GROUP, TATA, BPTP, ALPHA G-CORP, ASF, PIONEER URBAN LIMITED, JMD GROUP, VIPUL GROUP, ILD, SILVERGLADES, ORCHID GROUP, GPL, THE ERA GROUP, PARSVN.


Under the leadership of Mr. M.K. Gupta, KPDK Buildtech Pvt Ltd was founded in 2013 with the visionary goal of establishing new standards and ethical practices in the Real Estate Industry. KPDK Buildtech is a debt-free corporation owned by a close family network and managed professionally.


To set new sustainable development standards and to enforce ethical behaviors in the building sector. KPDK Buildtech Pvt. Ltd. is also dedicated to environmental health and safety, as well as corporate social responsibility.

Any company's success and profitability are entirely dependent on its working teams. Nothing can stop a firm from thriving if the crew is skilled and dependable. KPDK exemplifies this basic. Our enviable position in the building and construction industry today reflects the devotion of our personnel team. Success is unavoidable if the contingent's baton bearer is smart and educated.

Mr. M. K. Gupta has led KPDK to success and productivity, and the company has produced the greatest quality in the construction industry. He has 42 years of expertise in this industry, which he has used masterfully to develop this powerful enterprise. Following in his footsteps, many professionals from his family network joined him, and his efforts grew into one of the largest and most recognized Real Estate Development Company Delhi NCR.

To keep any project running well throughout the building and development phase, you simply need astute and unfazed brains on your team. KPDK's all-encompassing staff includes specialists from numerous sectors, including those with an MBA, Civil Engineering, Designing and Planning, Architecture, Financial Advisors, etc. Even though the experts participating in the business come from many sectors and divisions of the organization, the overall goal of the entire team is to give smiles and pleasure with its services. Only by working for your prosperity will we be able to construct a better and more secure future for ourselves and the nation.


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