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From construction materials to design, building, leasing, and selling real estate of Godrej Properties, we provide end-to-end construction and management solutions that are transparent, environmentally friendly, and offer customers a seamless experience. Because preserving the environment is ingrained in our very being, we have established new standards for sustainability across all of our projects.

About Godrej Developer

One of India's largest publicly traded real estate firms, Godrej Properties has a broad portfolio that spans the country's major cities and consists of commercial, residential, and mixed-use projects. The Godrej Group's cutting-edge, eco-friendly, and excellence-driven philosophies are made available to the real estate industry by Godrej Properties. Each of our construction projects combines the Group's history of excellence and trust with a dedication to cutting-edge architecture and technology.

Over 600 projects have benefited from our green building consulting services by using less energy and emitting fewer greenhouse gases, improving the environment.

Our integrated approach to real estate brings relevant expertise to every stage of the project. The Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) business provides project expertise and end-to-end solutions by installing and erecting Public Health Engineering (PHE), electrical, fire safety, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning) systems to guarantee a building's foundation of vital systems operate without a hitch.

Due to our dedication to decency, integrity, and environmental preservation, we were ranked the second-best developer in Asia and fifth overall in the 2016 Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark report. We are one of the five founding members of the Sustainable Housing Leadership Consortium, which the International Finance Corporation leads, and our goal is to advance sustainability in the Indian housing industry. We are proud to be able to call prestigious companies like Accenture, WNS, Capita, Capgemini, and TCS our valued clients.

Godrej Properties introduces the real estate industry to the innovation- and excellence-focused business philosophy of the Godrej Group. In 12 Indian cities, the company is currently developing iconic projects. The first company in the real estate industry to be ISO-certified was Godrej Properties Limited, which was established in 1990. The company will soon begin construction on 74 million square feet of projects nationwide. Godrej Properties constructs iconic buildings in collaboration with reputable brands and exceptional partners. The company's goal is to deliver exceptional value to all stakeholders by creating extraordinary and imaginative spaces that are carefully tailored to meet the requirements of its clients.

The company claims that the key factors influencing the growth of Godrej Properties are its employees' talent, dynamism, and inspiration. Four times in a row, the Great Places to Work Institute and the Economic Times have recognized Godrej Properties as the best real estate developer. Delivering the most well-known creations across India with recognition and acclaim on a global scale is successful for the company. "Sustainability" is one of Godrej Properties' core values, and the company is constantly working to deliver environmentally friendly projects across the nation while also setting new standards.


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